Automotive & Tier 1/2/3


Flexi-Track can perfectly work in any automotive, tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 production process.

Not only is the solution ideal for transporting material to the workstations, Flexi-Track can also be used to transport tools and spares.

Lean Manufacturing

Singular Logistics offers a solution which is perfectly suited for moving products and/or materials throughout any manufacturing facility. Our offering is an overhead solution and can interact with pick and deposit points.

This means Singular Logistics can remove  FLT movement and feed  processes via the overhead intelligent Flexi-Carts.


Lean Manufacturing stands for eliminating waste, in the case of Flexi-Track the waste that can be eliminated is downtime and unnecessary walking of operators and fork-lift accidents.


The material flow can be optimised by providing a lean manufacturing system which not just feed machines with the right materials, but also offer taking away the remaining unwanted materials and dropping it back to central material distribution points.


Most manufacturing facilities are constantly changing due to product change and demand changes. Singular Logistics' solution can easily be adapted and the infrastructure, as well as the pick-up and delivery points, can be changed according to the new layout without the need of new investments. The amount of Flexi-Carts can be increased or reduced, without interrupting the current system, in order to suit the material handling requirements.


The main advantages of the overhead material handling solution:


1) Overhead and easy to configure.

2) Moveable and flexible to change.

3) One Flexi-Cart can pick and deposit material at different points in the system.

4) Pick and deposit points can be moved when needed.

5) Flexi-Carts can travel over vast distances and levels.

6) The Flexi-Track be configured to change internally once installed, which means no need to callout external experts.

7) Easy to maintain

Small Parts & Spares

Thanks to the ability of the Flexi-Carts to transport different goods of various sizes and forms due to the transportation hooks, which can be customised, Singular Logistics can transport small parts and spares, either in bags, boxes or single items. The ”standard hook” of Singular Logistics is designed to transport Euroboxes, without the need to stop at pick-up or delivery. Additionally Singular Logistics provides an elevation hook to surmount height differences. This hook has a transportation belt which makes the transport of the different items possible.


The transportation of small parts and spares holds true for any industry and works ideally with a picking process.


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Flexi-Track is suited perfectly for the Aerospace industry with its many different parts for the assembly and sub-assembly of aircrafts. Thanks to the ability to deliver parts Just-In-Time and work with picking stations the systems optimised the material flow immensely.

Food Industry

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All elements of the Flexi-Track system can be adapted to the food and beverage requirements. This includes stainless steel beams and special paint, furthermore the cart will be entirely build of stainless steel, too.


Flexi-Track suits perfectly in complex production processes with different steps.



Courtesy and Copyright: Walmart

For the  retail sector, Flexi-Track can work with different ERP systems and automatic picking and shelving systems to transport goods to the various dispatch units.

At the same time the system is able to transport the waste from the dispatch units to the desired destination, this saves valuable time and increases the entire material flow.

Other industries

The Flexi-Track solution can also be applied in other industries.

Bespoke installations can be realised in order to suit specific needs.


Please feel free to contact us to find out more about this.

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