Flexi-Track is an intelligent overhead material handling solution with independent transportation carts, equipped with a state of the art artificial intelligence. This allows the Flexi-Carts to optimise their travel route and radically increase the material handling efficiency.


The system uses regular IPE 100 beams which makes the infrastructure very affordable. No switches or other expensive elements are required.


Simplicity is the key, the whole system is very easily installed, modified and extended. Modifications or extensions of the systems can be done without interruption of the existing system and without the need to stop the production. Once the modifications or expansions have been completed the new map is transmitted to the carts and once it has been updated, the carts will begin their operations in the new segments of the system. Due to the fact that the transmitting can be done wirelessly the carts don’t even have to stop for this.


The system can either be installed under the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor. In order to liberate valuable workspace the preferred option is the ceiling installation. It goes without saying that a combination of all three types of installation is possible.


It is also possible to build slopes in the system in order to surmount obstacles.


Equipped with a state of the art artificial intelligence the Flexi-Carts autonomously calculate and continuously adapt the route according to priorities and traffic conditions. The carts move with a maximum speed of 1.5 m/sec and can transport a maximum weight of 50 kg.


By giving an order on a touch screen device or by pre-programmed tasks, the cart will come, pick up the material and transport it to the destination. During their mission the carts interact among each other and constantly exchange real-time information in order to optimise their route.


Essentially they act as taxi drivers, who autonomously decide, and adapt the best route once they have received an order from a passenger. Thanks to this ability, no central control system is needed. This reduces significantly the investment cost and keeps the whole system extremely flexible for future adaptations.


Technical Specifications

Speed max.

1.5 m/s

Transportation load per cart max.

50 Kg

Possible user points


Communication frequency between

868 - 2400 Mhz

SGA/ERP/Galileo etc. compatibility


Power consumption per cart

700 W


Since the Flexi-Track system is an overhead solution, the material needs to be lifted to the level of the Flexi-Carts. Singular Logistics provides different solutions for that. An elevation hook and different regular lifts. The Flexi-Lift, can be aligned to the needs of the material handling requirements.


The Flexi-Hook is designed to transport standard Euroboxes without the need to stop at pick-up and delivery. It can easily be adjusted to the materials handling requirements.


In order to guarantee the safety of all workers and machines, Singular Materials Handling provides a simple protection mesh which is installed directly on the anchor points of the installation. Sensors and software error check systems make sure that the carts are travelling safely on the IPE 100 beams.


Each Flexi-Cart is equipped with  communication modules which allows them to communicate with each other as well as with an external device such as a server running an ERP, SGA or SCADA program. They can also be controlled by a control unit which can be implemented at each pick-up and delivery point in the system.

Like this operators can order material or send it to the next step in the value chain.


The communication between each other allows the carts to receive real time updates on the current traffic situation.

Due to that every Flexi-Cart will adjust the route according to this.


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